Magician of colours and colour gradients

Hans Dennerlein, born in 1933, is by vocation a master of (house) painting - although with a constant view far beyond the borders of this profession. The genuine Bavarian resident of Munich followed the perception that the creating with colours and shapes should visualise artistic intention. Consequently, painting turned into an artistic approach not only on the scaffold but on the art easel as well.

His Credo: "For me painting is the art to express and capture moods, impressions and feelings of life with colours. There seems to be a relation between painting and the art of composing music. This must be the reason why I feel closely connected to my daughter - not only because of family bonds but also the mutual bonding of art."

Hans discovered his love for painting in 1962, when he started with figurative expressions. At the same time he was very anxious to utilise colours for an expression of moods and feelings. Although in the years to come the main priority was running his business, it was finally in 1998 that Hans Dennerlein - motivated by his daughter Barbara - began to direct more attention to artistic painting.

"I began testing my skills and investigating different techniques and stylistic means in order to create and find my own personal style. My knowledge about how different types of paint interact when they are brought together in different stages of drying, led finally to the technique that I prefer now: single colours react solely and interact with each other in a predicted way, depending upon the time of painting. It is of central significance to foresee and determine the reactions of the different colours."

The complex colour processes in Hans Dennerlein's paintings are the intended result of capturing thoughts and impressions with timed painting, consideration of paint viscosity and temperature as well as mixing and drying processes. He uses the effect of time-dependent different reactions of paint in a precisely developed technique to express feelings and to arouse intended impressions and emotions by the beholder.

The artist's creativity is also demonstrated in sculpture and object design, adding an expressive shape to objects of usefulness and at other times is the creating of original sculptures.

A selection of Hans Dennerlein's work - pictures, sculptures, design objects - can be found on this web site, divided into several sections. Feel invited to browse through this exhibition.